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Jung Forum with Diane Zervas Hirst
25 November 2017

Free bpf members only event

Please note BJAA members meeting will take place from 9:30-11:00 (before the first talk) - this meeting is for BJAA members only.

11:30 - 1:00

Jung’s mandala paintings in The Red Book, 1915 - 30 by Diane Zervas Hirst

One of the symbols that emerged in words and images as Jung was working on Liber Novus (November 1913 -circa 1918) and its calligraphic version, The Red Book  (1915 - 1930) was the mandala, a protective magic circle wherein the opposites could be held and reconciled. This morning’s talk will focus on the painted mandalas that Jung created during those years, and his gradual realisation of their psychological significance as symbols of the Self, and dynamic images of the process of individuation.

2:00 - 3:00

Workshop: From Sketch to Painting, 1917-19 with Diane Zervas Hirst

In the summer of 1917, Jung produced a series of spontaneous sketches, some of which he subsequently elaborated as beautiful mandala images in The Red Book. In this afternoon’s workshop, we will have a chance to explore them together, focussing on Jung’s creative process, the differences between the sketches and painted versions, and the symbolic meaning of the completed series.

All bpf members and trainees welcome.

About the speaker

Diane Zervas Hirst is an Art Historian and Senior Training Analyst with IGAP in private practice in London, specialising in trauma, and the interface between creativity, analysis and the arts. Her art historical publications include numerous articles and two major books on Florentine Medieval and Renaissance Art. She is currently interested in Jung’s visual imagery in The Red Book, and is one of the leaders of/for the London Liber Novus reading seminars organised by The Circle of Analytical Psychology. Her essay on Jung’s mandala sketches, “Intimations of the Self”, will be included in a forthcoming book on Jung’s Visual Arts to be published by Norton in the autumn of 2018.


This event is free of charge but please let us know you are coming (click on the link).

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