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Modified Entry Scheme

The PPA offers a modified entry into the Clinical Training. Qualified child psychotherapists, couple therapists, and those already qualified in psychodynamic therapy are eligible to apply (for details of the full Clinical Training please refer to the separate Training brochure).

The training is under the aegis of the PPA Training committee and trainees are assigned a personal tutor as a progress advisor.  Trainees become trainee members of bpf and once qualified are eligible for membership of bpf and registration with the BPC.

Clinical and theoretical requirements

The programme follows all the clinical requirements of the full training; modified entrants will follow a minimum of 30  theoretical seminars offered by the PPA during the course of the training.  The theoretical curriculum will be chosen in discussion with a personal tutor to supplement previous theoretical learning.

Trainees will undertake the treatment of two intensive training cases each seen with weekly supervision; they attend weekly clinical seminars until qualification.

Personal therapy, infant observation and psychiatric experience

Modified entrants are expected to have undertaken a personal psychotherapy, or analysis with an approved therapist at a frequency of at least three times a week for at least five years over the period of their previous training.  Such therapy if no longer current should not have ended more than five years before starting the MES.

If previous intensive therapy has not been undertaken trainees will be expected to have started this with an approved bpf training therapist prior to starting the course.

Further therapy is not mandatory for modified entrants but may be required or recommended on the basis of  the selection interviews, and may emerge as a requirement at the discretion of the Training Committee during the course.

Trainees are expected to have completed an infant observation Course or to undertake one during the course; trainees are expected to have gained some psychiatric experience during their previous training or be required to undertake this during the course.


£2950 per annum - this is reduced once the theoretical component is completed. 

If you are interested in applying either now or in the future, please contact the PPA Training Manager Sophina Khan.


Tel: +44(0)20 8452 9823. 


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