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The bpfs vision is of a society in which psychotherapy is available to everyone who needs it to promote their emotional well-being and mental health. 

The bpf is committed to conducting all its activities based on a number of key principles:

Equality and fairness

The bpf is committed to pursuing issues of diversity and equality with determination.  It will continue to develop platforms for discussion on issues of diversity.

The bpf will be consistent in the development and implementation of its policies and procedures in order to ensure fairness, with the aims of promoting equality, valuing diversity and removing any unfair discrimination shaping its activities.


The bpf will explain clearly how it has taken its members, trainees, staff and other stakeholders’ views into consideration in developing its activities and policies. The bpf Board will seek to demonstrate high standards of governance.


The bpf will foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, using its resources efficiently and seeking to achieve further efficiencies without compromising the quality of its activities.

The bpf aims:

To increase public knowledge and understanding of the benefits of psychotherapy by means of information on our website, a range of public courses and events and outreach work in schools and other settings. This educational work will not only aim to inform the public about psychotherapy but will make available to the public perspectives and ways of thinking that will help them manage complex areas of their own lives such as relationships, parenting, employment and retirement

Due to limited accessibility of the building at bpf Kilburn, please contact enquiries@bpf-psychotherapy.org.uk prior to booking for an event or course.


Tel: 020 8452 9823 Registered office: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Company number 8238969 registered in England and Wales Registered charity number 1150806