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Art in the House - Ana Mejia
27 October 2017

Public event

'Borderlines' - the current art exhibition at 37 Mapesbury Road features the work of Ana Mejia and it will be on until 28th December 2017.

The public viewing takes place on 27th October and is free of charge. 

Please let us know you are coming

From the artist:

The theme of my work for this exhibition is journeys and family journeys. From there, home, to here, exile, from whole to broken, from being a shattered nothing to becoming something new; the delight, pain and strange rejigging of love.

When you look at an image you also get what you bring, of course. We collaborate, you co-create with me: that is what my work is for.

When something matters I transpose it into an image — that is  also the journey of the work and of your engagement. I hope these paintings  offer you a sort of mirror.


Examples of Ana's work:


More information about the artist:


+44 (0) 7507109431

Facebook: Ana Mejia London

Instagram: Ana Mejia London

Event Details
Reference Ana Mejia
Start Date 27/10/2017
End Date 27/10/2017
Start Time 18:00
End Time 21:00
Location bpf
Venue 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Tel: 020 8452 9823 Registered office: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Company number 8238969 registered in England and Wales Registered charity number 1150806