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Audiences with Authors: Reading Christopher Bollas
02 December 2017

Public event

In his extensive writings, Bollas makes a radical and profoundly creative contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic thinking. He brings together theory and technique, normality and pathology, and explores, perhaps more fully than any other psychoanalytic writer, the complex interrelationship between our private, internal, subjective experience and the world of external objects.

In her recent book 'The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An Introduction' (Routledge 2016), Sarah Nettleton presents the fundamentals of Bollas’s theory of the mind, addressing many of the questions that commonly arise when people approach his work. Chapters on topics such as the receptive unconscious, human idiom, the evocative object, free association and the analytic relationship, enable the reader to acquire an understanding of his unique psychoanalytic language, to grasp the conceptual building blocks of his thinking and how these interrelate, and to appreciate the theoretical and clinical coherence of his thinking.

This talk will explore the experience of reading Bollas, considering ways in which his varied and personal style of writing can embody his model of mental functioning, as well as offering a challenge to the reader.

About the author

Sarah Nettleton is a psychoanalyst (BPA) in private practice in London. Originally she studied music, working for many years as a piano accompanist, and for her Masters dissertation at the Tavistock she wrote on the psychodynamics of musical giftedness. Her more recent work includes papers on Schubert's song cycle Winterreise, on the effects of sound and voice in Beckett, and on the relationship between voice, creativity and metaphor. For the past 13 years she has edited the new writing of Christopher Bollas, and she has given lectures and seminars on his work extensively in the UK and in Norway, Israel, France, America, Turkey, Mexico and India.


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