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Lionel Monteith Memorial Lecture with Martin Bell, OBE
24 June 2017
Martin Bell OBE

The  Psychological Journey of a war reporter : Truth and Falsehood in war reporting.

Having spent more than half a century in the unquiet corners of the world, Martin Bell will talk about his experience as a war journalist seeing ‘armed conflicts’ as a human tragedy and soldiers as victims.

As the first ‘embed’ in military formations, he is questioning whether ‘embedding ’serves it purpose.  

He will talk about truth and falsehood in journalism, reveal some appalling fabrications in the field of war reporting and of the dangerous disregard of the lessons of history and of the attempts to establish a system of international justice.

He will argue that, for a number of reasons, including the feverishness of rolling news, the celebrity distortion of the news agenda and the hazards of the post 9/11 world, news as we have hitherto known have died and been laid to rest.  

Martin Bell - biography

Martin Bell OBE, is a former BBC War Correspondent and a former Independent MP for Tattoon . He served as a national serviceman in Cyprus (1957-1959) and is presently a British UNICEF Ambassador for Humanitarian Emergencies,

He was the Royal Television Reporter of the year in 1977 and 1993 and won the Sandford St Martin Prize for religious broadcasting in 2007.

He has written 8 books. To name a few;  ‘In Harm’s Way ‘(1995), ‘Through Gates of Fire’ (2003), ‘The Truth That Sticks’ (2007), ‘), ’End of Empire’  (2015), and his latest book ‘The Death of the News ‘ to be published in June 2017.

Refreshments and bookstore from 10.00 am.

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