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Jung Forum - Bookend
30 March 2017


for bpf members



bookend - Julia Ryde


Writing about those we work with can be a challenge for many reasons, not least because the process of seeking permission opens up a new area of dialogue between analyst and patient. exposing more fully our own thoughts.

My chapter in a new book on Art Therapy and Private Practice, entitled How Private is Private Practice?, includes clinical material around an image created by a patient who I worked with intensively for 16 years. Our work on this painting has its own story and the patient has contributed to the chapter, describing what it meant to them in their own words.

The ending of the analysis coincided with the writing of the chapter, and I have developed some thoughts, and would like to hear your thoughts, about the ending, and what it means that we will both be in print together.

Julia Ryde is a Training Analyst and Supervisor for the BJAA and works in private practice in East London. Her original profession was in art therapy.

A warm invitation to attend  is extended to all bpf Members and Trainees.

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