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Group Relations Conference
20 October 2017

A three-day non-residential workshop

The world is a rapidly evolving environment across its many dimensions.  The speed of change supported by technological advancements has an forceful impact on human values, relationships and working roles.  How can we work effectively under such conditions?  How can we adapt to changing realities and contexts whilst maintaining connectedness and indeed ourselves?

Over recent months there has been much talk of us now living in a 'post-truth' age. However, in groups and organisations emotional authenticity and individual ‘truth’ have perhaps always been difficult to assimilate with other demands and discourses. To navigate our way in this increasingly complex environment requires a capacity to examine both what we know and what we feel. This at times can mean holding differing and discordant perspectives simultaneously.

We are at a time when it is more urgent than ever to understand the part we all play (individually and collectively) in groups, organisations and society. This conference provides an opportunity for participants to engage and work with the frequently disorienting and contradictory experiences of organisational life and to explore the complexities that technology and organisational change can bring.

Who is the conference for?

This is an intensive experiential workshop (there are no lectures of seminars) intended for anyone curious about the way in which individuals function within contemporary organisations, and how groups and technology impact on our capacity for thoughtful and effective action in the process of working with others.

You don’t need any prior experience and it doesn’t matter what your occupation is. If you are curious about groups and organisations and want to develop your capacity to be thoughtful and effective at work and beyond, we hope you will join us.

Places are limited to 25 participants. A certificate of attendance is issued on completion.

The Conference provides opportunities for learning that may feel challenging to those who are in the midst of personal crisis or stress. Attendance may not be advisable in such circumstances. If you need further information or would like to discuss the suitability of the Conference to your needs, please email or phone:
Simon Tucker, Conference Director
+44 (0)787 9775 766

Purpose of the Conference

  • To engage with, and learn about: person, role, technology and task in organisational life and in relation to working with others.
  • To increase the capacity for thoughtful and effective action.

To enable this, the primary task of the Conference is:

  • To experience and examine conscious and unconscious group dynamics, and our collective and individual contribution to them as they occur in ‘the here and now’ in the temporary organisation that is the conference.


Conference participants will be able to:

  • examine ways in which certainties and uncertainties may paralyse their thinking;
  • consider how technology helps or hinders our communications with others;
  • learn how groups jointly construct a reality that, though considered external and unchangeable, may be amenable to transformation;
  • explore how rational and irrational forces operate in organisations by considering their experiences at work and shared experiences of the Conference;
  • experiment with ways of engaging with difference (e.g., concerning age, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality);
  • develop capacities for exercising authority and taking up leadership roles;
  • explore vulnerability as a necessary component of the capacity to exercise authority;
  • consider the interplay between tradition, risktaking, innovation, and creativity;
  • consider the relationship of organisations to their cultural, technological, political and economic contexts;
  • improve strategic thinking and the capacity to navigate organisational life through understanding systemic and unconscious processes;
  • apply the experience from the Conference to professional life and to the development of the workplace, and to social, community and political life.

To find out more about the Conference and the methods used download the brochure  


early bird extended until 07 August 2017

  • £485 (£445 for three or more participants from the same organisation)
  • £445 for bpf members
  • £375 for bpf students and trainees

after 7 Audust 2017

  • £515    full fee (£475 for three or more participants from the same organisation)
  • £475    bpf members
  • £395    bpf trainees and students

For further information and to apply:

Contact Sandra Pereira, MSc, Postgraduate & Public Events Officer, British Psychotherapy Foundation, 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ Tel 020 8452 9823/ Fax 020 8452 0310

E-mail: sandrap@bpf-psychotherapy.org.uk


The building has limited access - please call us on 020 8 452 9823.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing.  Cancellations made no later than four weeks prior to the commencement of the Conference receive a full refund minus an administration fee of £25.

Event Details
Reference GRC
Start Date 20/10/2017
End Date 22/10/2017
Start Time 10:00
End Time 17:00
Location bpf
Venue 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Tel: 020 8452 9823 Registered office: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Company number 8238969 registered in England and Wales Registered charity number 1150806