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Filling-in the Frame: Moves Between Absence and Loss
11 November 2017
Wessex Training Public Event

Wessex Training public event

What is it that brings about psychic change?

Viqui Rosenberg will draw upon classic and contemporary ideas to understand how primitive aspects of the psyche can lie hidden in the unexamined therapeu tic terms of engagement –
an unconscious aspect of the contract which has been consciously agreed by both analyst and analysed.

The speaker will discuss clinical material where opportunities to bring about deep structural change emerged through the analysis of the setting and its unconscious meaning.

About the speaker

Viqui Rosenberg is a founder Training Analyst and Supervisor with the BPA and the bpf. She worked as an NHS Consultant in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and is a teacher of Freudian thinking in the UK and abroad. She has lectured and published papers on various psychoanalytic issues, with a special interest in transference-countertransference and the place of sexuality in psychoanalysis and has recently given presentations on psychic change and enactment. She is also the author of Time Secret, a volume of poetic fiction. Viqui Rosenberg is in private practice in London.


11.00am – 12.30pm (coffee and registration 10.30)

Ticket prices

£18 in advance / £20 on the day

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Register and pay for the event online.


Directions and a map of Whiteknights Campus will be emailed to ticket-holders before the event.

Event Details
Start Date 11/11/2017
End Date 11/11/2017
Start Time 11:00
End Time 12:30
Price £18.00
Location University of Reading, RG6 6UR
Venue University of Reading Meeting Room, The Cedars Whiteknights Campus, RG6 6UR
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