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Freud Bar
21 March 2017

Young Children in Brief Separation

In order to study responses to the separation from mother when this is not complicated by other disturbing experiences (such as sudden transfer from home, illness and pain, cot confinement, multiple caretakers), and when emotional needs are met, James and Joyce Robertson took into their home a series of four young children of previous good experience who were in need of foster care while mother was in hospital to have a second child. How the children coped with separation from the mother when given good substitute care in a setting with which they had been made familiar was observed and filmed. The children's ages ranged from 17 months to two years five months, and lengths of stay from ten to 27 days.  Although these are not typical of the foster placements dealt with by childcare agencies, the films raise considerations of understanding and practice which are relevant to all foster care, to the care of young children in nurseries and paediatric wards, and to the teaching of normal child development.


Psychoanalyst Ju Tomas-Merrills will discuss one example:  JOHN, aged 17 months, for 9 days in a residential nursery.


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ACCESS: This venue has limited access for wheelchair users. 


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