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Private Art Viewing
25 March 2017
Art Johnny Miller

A Private Viewing - all welcome

Johnny Miller invites us to enter an an uncertain world that exists beyond the comforting illusion of intellectual meaning.  Drawing on vivid childhood memories and historical and contemporary figurative imagery, he searches out hidden aspects of the human condition.  Johnny Miller shares a personal artistic journey that feels timeless.  He encourages us to draw on our lived experience to explore the puzzling islands of identity that we inhabit.  Though he asks the viewer to step beyond the everyday, he guides us with a generous and humourous spirit.


Johnny Miller was born in 1962 and grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne. From the age of 15 he worked as a cook in a French kitchen and then in the kitchens at St Nicholas’ Mental Hospital in Gosforth. Aged 19 he moved to London and enrolling at art college. Eventually in 1991 he qualified as Master of Printmaking at London’s Royal College of Art. In 1998 he moved to Japan and now lives with his family in the hills overlooking Osaka. Johnny Miller regularly exhibits his work in Berlin and recently had a solo exhibition in New York.


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